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Bank Products

With our experience at Taxsoft 360, we understand your need for multiple banking options. This is why Taxsoft 360 partners with several industry-leading banks, ensuring our customers always have a variety of choices.

Benefits of a bank product

  • Solve your cash flow problems with pre-season and in-season tax preparer fee advances.
  • Collect your fees from the taxpayer's refund with no upfront fees for your clients.
  • Save time and eliminate errors with banking partners that are integrated with the tax software.
  • Grow your business by offering your clients the best loan and advance opportunities available.

TPG For over 25 years, Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) has provided taxpayers and tax professionals nationwide with affordable, reliable, tax-related financial products and services. Acquired by Green Dot Corporation in 2014, TPG prides itself as a leader in technological innovation, product development, and client marketing tools, helping tax professionals grow their business and their bottom line.
Republic Bank With over 20 years of experience in the e-file industry, Republic Bank is a trusted and proven provider of Refund Transfers and Easy Advances. Through integration with several leading tax software programs and tens of thousands of tax preparation offices across the country, each tax season millions of customers choose a product from Republic Bank for speed, convenience, and security.
Refund Advantage! At Refund Advantage, we look for solutions to your unique business needs when providing bank products to you and your clients! Compete with the national chains offering Taxpayer Refund Advances both pre-season through our Loyalty Program and in-season with our loan program! We also offer ERO Business Advances pre-season and in-season. Other features of our program include advanced reporting features, text alerts for EROs and taxpayers, a Mobile App, and free marketing tools. We are committed to providing the best refund product experience possible.
Refundo Tax professionals, who demand the latest technology, personable customer service and innovative products, choose Refundo. Leading the park on the technology front, Refundo provides tax professionals with a bank products-processing platform that minimizes your costs and facilitates new business. We partner with leading financial institutions so your customers can cash their checks for a low fee nationwide. Refundo also provides credit card processing (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover) for a crazy low prices. All of our designed for you, with your clients in mind, Refundo allows you to increase sales, reduce costs, and receive payment from your clients refund quickly and securely. The client pays all tax preparation.




3Fund is a preparer payment solution that combines three low cost refund options under one brand. With 3Fund, you can easily deduct your preparation fees directly from your client’s refund and then give them a choice on how they want to receive their remaining funds; on a prepaid card, printed check or via direct deposit.

Your clients can choose the refund option which works best for them, and they won’t have to pay their tax prep fees out-of-pocket. They’ll be happier than ever before, and you’ll value receiving timely payments — every time.

Best of all, 3Fund’s low cost solutions help keep you competitive in today’s market.

Streamline Cash Flow — Ensure timely payment by automatically deducting your tax prep fees from your client’s refund.

  • Client Satisfaction — Eliminate clients’ out-of-pocket costs and give them a choice on how to receive their refund.
        o Prepaid Card
        o Check
        o Direct Deposit
  • Low Cost — 3Fund leads the industry with affordable refund disbursement products. There’s no Technology Fee.
  • Easy to Offer — 3Fund is seamlessly integrated into your TaxWise software.
  • Reliable — You can depend on us to deliver the refund experience you, and your clients, expect and deserve. TaxWise has been processing electronic tax returns and bank products for years. Nobody has more experience or does it better than us!


EPS Financial

EPS Financial is a bank product processor that offers flexible and innovative electronic payment systems to the tax industry. By partnering with EPS, you can provide your clients more choices and value. The tax industry changes every year because of shifts in consumer behavior, tax law, regulation and technology. Uncertainty in the industry limits the number of companies providing innovative solutions. This environment allows unchallenged growth for companies that seek to provide innovative solutions. EPS Financial helps tax preparers and tax software developers offer such innovation, by breaking down barriers to entering the bank product market. Whether traditional bank products, innovative financial services or prepaid card programs, EPS can integrate them into your business.


Refund products offer

Electronic Refund Check (ERC):   
Electronic Refund Checks or ERCs are a quick alternative for tax payers that do not want a RAL.  Approximately 10-14 days after the return is accepted, the IRS will direct deposit the tax preparer refund with the bank.  Then the bank deducts any tax preparation fees and deposits them directly into your bank account.  Refund checks, less fees, print in your tax office for the tax payer to pick up.

Electronic Refund Deposit (ERD):  
Electronic Refund Deposits or ERDs are similar to ERCs.  With an ERD, the federal refund, less fees, is deposited into the tax payer’s bank account via ACH.  Tax preparation fees are automatically deducted from the refund and deposited directly into your bank account.  With an ERD, the customer doesn’t have to make a return trip to your office.

State ERC or ERD:  
State ERCs and ERDs are available in all states with electronic filing and only in conjunction with a Federal bank product.   State ERCs and ERDs work exactly like a standard ERC or ERD.  Tax preparation fees are automatically deducted from the refund and deposited directly into your bank account.  Tax payers will receive their refunds by the same method chosen for the Federal product.

Refund can be deposited into a card:
More than just eliminating the need to print and distribute checks, we can help your clients avoid check cashing fees and another trip back to your office. With a simple fee plan and numerous card features, we help taxpayers and tax professionals. Clients have a convenient way to pay for tax preparation and a great way to receive their refund amount.

  • Free cash back: Get cash for free at any retailer that offers "cash back" with purchase
  • First ATM withdrawal free: $2.50 after first ATM withdrawal and $0.50 for balance inquiries plus fees the bank or ATM owner may charge
  • High withdrawal limit: It's easy to access cash with a daily withdrawal limit of $1,500 per day